We take pride in our work and our employees. We are grateful for our clients and our community.

  • April 3rd 2019

    P3A Awarded City of Regina Wascana & Maple Leaf Pools Projects

    P3A is very pleased to have been awarded the Maple Leaf Pool and Wascana Outdoor Pool Replacement projects by the City of Regina. We have partnered with HCMA Architecture + Design, the premier pool design architects in Canada.

    Both pools are close to the hearts of many in Regina and have decades of memories attached to them; both have histories as gathering places for fun, family and swimming activities. Replacing each pool presents tremendous opportunities to enhance the exterior environment, promote fitness, fun, wellness and safety, and attract families and visitors. P3A is proud to be a part of continuing and enhancing the legacy of the pools as community hubs.

  • February 8th 2019

    P3A “Pedal Pushers” Raise Funds for YMCA

    The P3A "Pedal Pushers" took part in the Strong Kids Campaign for the YMCA. Our team raised almost $1600 for the event which provides funds to the YMCA for recreational, learning and life-enhancing experiences for kids and families. (Pictured L to R: YMCA team coach Jazmin Rostie; P3A team: Tamara Nesbitt, Megan Jones, Amber Burt, Ashley Bull, Travis Crumley and Joshua Gottselig). Thanks to our P3A team and to all P3A staff for donating in support of the event!

  • January 2nd 2019

    Luigi Mazzotti Announces Retirement

    In 2018, Luigi Mazzotti, Senior Architectural Technologist and Founding Partner at P3A, announced his retirement. His career began in 1974 under the guidance of his mentor, architect Joseph Pettick. In 1995 he joined with Pettick to create a new firm, which later evolved into P3A. Luigi’s career includes over 1000 projects, and many Regina landmarks such as City Hall, SGI Head Office, Bank of Montreal Building, Terrace Building and Treaty Four Governance Centre. He has received several awards including a ‘gold medal’ from his home province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Luigi’s work is an integral part of P3A’s legacy. His contributions to architecture, building sciences and construction methodologies are immeasurable. He holds a special place in the hearts of those he worked with and those he mentored. We thank him for his dedication to the firm and to Saskatchewan’s ‘built environment’.