P3A is a talented, diverse and experienced group of dedicated professionals.


James Youck

James YouckArchitectSAA, RAIC, AIA

James‘ projects have been recognized as sustainable and aesthetic benchmarks and garnered accolades from around the province and the country. Each of the 300+ projects James has conducted is a unique representation of the client’s needs and image. He is a proven innovator in design excellence, having participated in and led the design of many landmark buildings including Arcola Community School, the Terrace Building, Research and Innovation Centre, and the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Patrick Kelly

Pat KellyArchitectSAA, RAIC, AIA

With over 25 years of project management experience and technical and design expertise, Pat is highly respected for his leadership and project coordination skills. Pat manages large integrated design teams with multiple client stakeholders and consultants, ensuring extensive attention to the design and unwavering commitment to the project. He has led many significant and complex projects including College Avenue Campus, Arcola Community School and the Moose Jaw Court House.

Luigi Mazzotti

Chris RoszellArchitectSAA, RAIC

Chris embraces working closely with consultants and owners to determine the best possible design to meet owners’ needs, regardless of the size or scope of the project. His strong design and technical skills have been applied to a diverse range of projects, including mâmawêyatitân centre, Research and Innovation Centre, and Horizon Credit Union Centre.

Wyatt Eckert

Wyatt EckertArchitectural Technologist

With 25 years of combined experience in the fields of design and construction, Wyatt has a broad base of knowledge across all aspects of the project process. With his technical expertise, strong leadership skills and understanding of architectural heritage conservation, Wyatt successfully executes and coordinates projects, including College Avenue Campus, Orange Tree Village, and the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory.


  • Jennifer Bailey
    Jennifer Bailey
    Communications Coordinator
  • Angela Bernard
    Angela Bernard
    Architectural Technologist
  • Ashley Bull
    Ashley Bull
    Architectural Technologist
  • Amber Burt
    Amber Burt
    Architectural Technologist
  • Meghan Campbell
    Meghan Campbell
    Interior Designer
  • Trevor Coulthard
    Trevor Coulthard
    Intern Architect
  • Travis Crumley
    Travis Crumley
    Contract Administrator
  • Alice Davidson
    Alice Davidson
    Interior Designer
  • Kolby Fletcher
    Kolby Fletcher
    Architectural Technologist
  • Madison Froehlich
    Madison Froehlich
    Architectural Technologist
  • Marshall Gaetz
    Marshall Gaetz
    Architectural Technologist
  • James Gallagher
    James Gallagher
    Architectural Technologist
  • Nicole George
    Nicole George
    Interior Designer
  • Sherry Hastings
    Sherry Hastings
    Architectural Technologist
  • Vanessa Ilg
    Vanessa Ilg
    Interior Designer
  • Kate Jackson
    Kate Jackson
    Intern Architect
  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones
    Community Planner
  • Nitish Joshi
    Nitish Joshi
    Architectural Technologist
  • Landon Lucyk
    Landon Lucyk
    Intern Architect
  • Katrina Nagle
    Katrina Nagle
    Architectural Technologist
  • Tamara Nesbitt
    Tamara Nesbitt
  • Juliet Omonaiye
    Juliet Omonaiye
    Administrative Support
  • Tessa Piapot-Christopher
    Tessa Piapot-Christopher
  • Brad Pickard
    Brad Pickard
  • Jocelyn Tanner
    Jocelyn Tanner
  • Dieter Toews
    Dieter Toews
    Intern Architect
  • Marshall Tomlinson
    Marshall Tomlinson
    Architectural Technologist
  • Mezen Trabelsi
    Mezen Trabelsi
    Information Systems Support
  • Kaylon Weisbrod
    Kaylon Weisbrod
    Architectural Technologist