• July 10th 2018

    2018 P3A Dr. Joseph Pettick Memorial Scholarship Awarded

    The 2018 recipient of the P3A Dr. Joseph Pettick Memorial Scholarship is Sasha Miller, a visual arts major working primarily through the mediums of painting and printmaking. Her pieces display a recurring focus on the human form, exploring the engaging possibilities this subject holds. She aims to transform simplicity into a meaningful display by incorporating detail and precision to attract the eye of the beholder. In a series of self-portraits, she investigated the relationship between the body and its surrounding space, acknowledging the shift in meaning that arises when parts of the body are left unfinished. Painted on unprimed masonite, the figure only covers a small portion of the surface and remains partially incomplete. Whether the figure is disappearing into the vast background or slowly revealing its presence, the interplay between background and foreground inspires multiple interpretations.
    Date: March 2018
    Medium: Oil paint on masonite
    Size: 6ft x 4ft