We take pride in our work and our employees. We are grateful for our clients and our community.

  • February 29th 2016

    National Cupcake Day

    P3A helped the Regina Humane Society (RHS) celebrate National Cupcake Day™ by inviting staff and clients to participate in raising money for animals in need. National Cupcake Day™ is a coordinated Canadian event to support local shelters, SPCAs, and Humane Societies. In 2015, animal lovers across Canada raised over $550,000 in support of their favourite societies.

    As a member of the RHS’s board of directors, P3A’s James Youck encouraged staff to get involved. As a result, over 300 cupcakes were baked by P3A employees which were handed out to coworkers and clients in exchange for a donation to the RHS. Special thanks to our clients and consultants who purchased most of the cupcakes, helping us raise $771 for the RHS!

  • February 20th 2016

    Lecture Theatre

    The dramatic, multi-purpose lecture and presentation space was created for a corporate client. Seating between 150 to 200 people, the design takes inspiration from the client’s brand and the Canadian landscape including the sense of horizon, planted fields and dramatic skies. The theatre improves access to training sessions, meetings and presentations, complete with excellent acoustics and technology that supports those functions. The theatre integrates a sophisticated distance learning system, and extensive lighting controls that can mimic natural lighting conditions at different times of the day. The signature space showcases the client as enduring, professional, accessible, and innovative.