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  • June 26th 2017

    2017 P3A Dr. Joseph Pettick Memorial Scholarship Awarded

    P3A is pleased to announce the 2017 recipient of the P3A Dr. Joseph Pettick Memorial Scholarship is Métis artist Sarah Timewell. Sarah works predominantly in drawing, leather, and beadwork. She is inspired by nature and is fascinated by plants and culture. 

    In her new series Little Medicine Dress (working title), she recognizes the healing power of the plants around us. Native plants, with medicinal properties specific to her own ailments, are represented over the organ they support on the subtle form of a little black dress. After completion of the drawing series, the concept will be made into a single beaded dress. Sarah has an appreciation for often overlooked details and hopes to inspire others to slow down and reconnect with nature and culture.

    Date: April, 2017
    Medium: Coloured pencil and charcoal on black paper
    Size: 76 cm x 113 cm (each)